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JobTube works as a Functional Job Notice Board. But we have gone one step further. We have not only opened our doors to Job seekers and recruiters but to casting agents, Training providers, performing artists and models


Can’t find the right job?

Download our app and get  jobs matching your search criteria Or sign up and choose to receive jobs matching your preferences.

Are you a Job Seeker but also have other talents?

Simply join Job Tube, your talents may deserve the right to be heard. Not only can you load your CV as a Job Seeker but you can now load your details if you are a performing artist, model or training provider!

Why must I sign up to apply?

You need only sign up once to apply for jobs.
By doing so we are able to track your application and give you notifications when jobs that match your details arise.

Why must I upload a CV and create a profile?

Agencies and employers see your profile first before opening your CV. But you still need to upload your CV to gain maximum results. By doing both you not allow us to send you more accurate job alerts but you allow employers and agencies to search for you better

Can anyone view my Information?

Only registered companies, institutions or agencies are allowed to view your profile. keep in mind all registered parties are vetted first to maintain a secure online relationship

Wishing you a Successful Job Find! 


 Do you pay for Job adverts?

No. Job adverts are free and will be visible on our boards after necessary approval is complete.

Do you pay for CV access?

No. Only registered and vetted organisations’ of JobTube are allowed free access to the candidate database

How do I register?

Step1: Sign up

Step2: Wait for your verification email to arrive after our approval process. Note due to security purposes JobTube has to vet every organization that registers as a recruiter or an agent. We will require and request relevant information that identifies you as a business, sole proprietor or any entity that positions itself within the ‘recruiters’ space. By doing so we protect the information of our JobSeekers and ensure that their details may only be visible by registered users

Why doesn’t JobTube charge Recruiters

Jobtube’s primary monetary income is through adverts. By doing so we allow recruiters to gain access to JobSeekers that may match job roles that they otherwise would not readily be able to access. Jobtube values the state of our country and aims to make this a better South Africa. Alleviating poverty and helping those who may otherwise not have to opportunity to gainful employment.

Wishing you a Successful Talent Find! 

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